Apr 192014

Join us today as contestants appear on stage at Cawk & Heels to win their entry in the 6th annual Miss Wigstock contest. Burlesque will be the theme, your votes will pick the top three in each show.

12pm SLT is DJs Sascha & 4pm SLT is DJ Sasch

Host Edwin Wilmont joins DJs Sascha Laval and Sasch Petrov as your future Miss Wigstock tries to win the sash!

The GA thanks our sponsors, Hug’s Clothing, RGDW, Robys Style, N4RS, JCNY Jewelry, Greymyst & Corinthia Isle.


Apr 182014

We have a party on Friday 18th April, 2 – 4pm SLT, to launch our support of Feed A Smile and would like to raise at least 100,000L. It would be great if you could help us to reach or even exceed this target, either by coming to the party (love to see you) and paying the kiosk directly or by paying slliveradio resident the amount you want to give.

We will publish a list of supporters after the event and anyone who gives 10,000L or more will get a free radio advert (if you have a business) for a month (to be broadcast randomly in regular rotation throughout the day for one month).

If you can’t donate at this time, just come and party :-) \o/


Lockjaw Isles, Lockjaw Plaza, and Ohio's Kilts are now a PROUD Member of the GA

Lockjaw Isles, Lockjaw Plaza, and Ohio’s Kilts are now a PROUD Member of the GA

    The Ohio’s Kilt is for the “crazy guy”  and for the person who wants a quality  kilt. It’s for the highland athlete who doesn’t want to look like “the guy in the skirt” around all those imported Scottish kilts. Our Dress Kilt comes with tapered hips (to ensure a proper fit), 3 belt

WORLD LGBT FRONT:  Pew Research releases newest global 'morality' poll

WORLD LGBT FRONT: Pew Research releases newest global ‘morality’ poll

US:  Internationally respected Pew Research Center has released the results of their survey/poll ‘Global Views on Morality’ in which 40 countries were asked about approval/disapproval of several topics including extra-marital affairs, abortion and homosexuality. The United states ranked as the 12th ‘most tolerant’ nation responding showing a 37% ‘unacceptable’ percentage.  Still a long way to

Miss Wigstock 2014 Preliminary

Miss Wigstock 2014 Preliminary

PRELIMINARY EVENT on Saturday April 19th Corinthia Isle Cawk & Heels Club Rene Boneparte 12pm SLT Host/MC Edwin Wilmont DJ SASCHA LAVAL SL Avatar Name: Waveyjustin ( ::.Justin Fox.:: ) Drag Stage name: ~Devine Dame Black songs perform Beyonce “Single Ladies” 2) Diamonds are a girls best friend ======================================== SL Avatar Name : Didier Rascon

Serengetti Hoodie and Shirt Exclusive Gift!

Serengetti Hoodie and Shirt Exclusive Gift!

A great “Out of Africa”, Serengetti Hoody with Shirt has been released as an Exclusive gift by BRAVURA! Homme..  go grab yourself one Styling: Outfit: NEW! EXCLUSIVE! Serengettie Hoodie and Shirt  - BRAVURA! Homme  @ GFW Pants: Mens Chinos v.2 Black - BRAVURA! Homme Shape: Custom Marty - Ooh-la-licious Skin: Marcello - Ooh-la-licious Hair: Peyton -  Argrace Hands: Men’s Casual - Slink Nails: NEW! Just Dark